we want you to succeed 

We register most small businesses in the Estate of Nebraska and offer consulting services depending of the business size and complexity of its legal structure 

We guide our clients properly regardless of whether the outcome would really benefit us. While some other Accountant firms may focus more in keeping clients in their portfolio by only providing them friendly reports, at Payproneb we strive to provide realistic data because clients need them in planning effectively and evaluating progress, to make  corrective actions. In achieving this goal, we need our clients to provide us complete, accurate  and timely business information.


We are an IRS authorized e-Filer, so when you file your tax return with us you don't have to worry in mailing them because everything is handled electronically. Usually you know whether it was accepted or denied in a short period of time 

No hidden, abusive or unexpected charges, with us you pay just what we agreed for your business services, and always let you in advance any changes in pricing so you can decide whether you accept them. We think that our prices are very competitive compared to other accounting firms in the market that offer the same level of expertise and responsability.  


Payroll processing, electronic filing employment taxes and reports submission, in accordance with regulations. Direct deposit and more...  

      The Effectiveness of our services relies on the accuracy

      of the business information reported to us by the clients. 

 We take your business           services seriously. Generally

 our firm does well when your

 business also succeed

We simply want to make sure you have the right information

you would need to make informed decisions, not to entertain 

you with friendly data just to keep you in our portfolio.

your business really

tax preparation

Individual and business taxes year around. We are an IRS authorized e-file  Our tax service fee is affordable and highly competitive

Of course, just like any other business we also care about making profits, except that we don't believe it should be at any costs. Making sure we can offer valuable services is our top priority because our experience shows that generally we do well when our clients succeed. 

supporting services

We provide a wide range of small business services, including notary services, business consulting and registration... designed to support your organization. Outstanding results

so we can succeed as well


We offer notarization services in the State of Nebraska


We help you to create trusted data and generate meaningful reports that can assist you in making sound business decisions